Regulatory Compliance & Documentation

Regulatory Compliance & DocumentationWe know the Life Safety and Building Codes, and we understand how to develop and implement a concise code approach for your project or facility. The codes are complex, vary from era to era and year to year, and as buildings grow and evolve. We organize a consistent and uniform structure comprising reports and drawings for your building and campus knowledge base.

Life Safety & Building Code Review & Interpretation Support

From design through construction and during the life cycle of your facility, we provide proactive, practical and knowledgeable interpretation of the life safety and building codes.

Peer Review

One critical component of quality assurance for any design commission or life safety project is peer review services, which can minimize change orders, identify design conflicts, and avoid delays with local, state, and national governance agency approvals. With decades of proven life safety leadership and knowledge of local and national codes and standards, we help clients meet their project quality, cost, and timing objectives for a successful project delivery experience.

Our peer review services include reviewing design drawings, specifications, and contracts, validating the design with the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and Facility Guidelines Institute documents, conducting review meetings with relevant stakeholders, preparing reports to document deficiencies and opportunities for improvement, attending construction meetings to ensure compliance with peer review findings, and more. Peer review services offer owners the benefit of a skilled review by a third party to protect the owner or client’s investment and physical assets.

Project Management

Implementing complex design and technical projects requires dedicated attention to detail and coordination between in-house technical staff, third-party consultants, end users, owners, contractors, and various suppliers and vendors. The BROOKSBRIGHT leadership team has 52 years of project management experience, overseeing projects large and small -- from single suite upgrades to entire campus life safety compliance updates to ground-up construction of major medical facilities.

AHC & Permit Coordination

The Certified Building Official and Fire Marshal are part of your design team – let us help coordinate your work with the relevant involved Authority Having Jurisdiction.

We will shepherd your project through the Building Permitting process – often performed in coordination with our Peer Review process, we develop and maintain collaborative relationships with your local and state AHJ maintaining an electronic ‘stick set’ during the construction process.

Facility Area Reports & BOMA Calculations

We develop department and area designations for internal coding by your accounting department for square compliance reporting for CMS reimbursement. As part of our searchable database management services, a FAR is a critical real estate asset management tool with a direct benefit for your bottom line.

We’ll develop BOMA calculations for your real estate portfolio based on floor measurement best practices utilizing modern software and open source tools for ongoing applications and transactions.