Life Safety

Life Safety by Design is more than a tagline; it’s our strategic design approach that proactively addresses life safety codes, guidelines and concerns with every design commission from the initial project concept and throughout all design meetings and phases. With a founding partner that is recognized as one of the nation’s most recognized life safety design experts, serving on several national life safety committees and delivering presentations to architects, engineers, and owners across the country, life safety is the foundation on which BROOKSBRIGHT is founded.

Architecture & Planning

Life Safety Design

We analyze projects and facilities for life safety code compliance, identify deficiencies before potential code violations create design or built environment challenges, develop a plan to resolve the deficiencies, and manage life safety compliance from design through construction and occupancy.

The Life Safety approach for your new project and existing facility already in operation requires a strategic and design-oriented approach to develop a complete and cost-effective strategy for implementation and compliance. All buildings are a living machine and a one-size solution almost never works – we develop solutions for your facility.

We work with your in-house team, designer and contractor to develop approaches to life safety compliance, wholly responsive to the infection control and patient care risk assessment. An ILSM is the critical tool for patient and facility safety during construction, during a period when your facility is experiencing greater risk events.

Statement of Conditions

THE document to satisfy Life Safety Compliance for AHJ, we develop Statement of Conditions, Life Safety Drawings and Basic Building Information for your facility. Our SOCs are well-defined, clear maps of your facilities, leading the industry in life safety compliance documentation. Often reported by AHJ as "the best drawings out there…," our Life Safety Drawings provide your facility with the clear records required for compliance.

Environment of Care

Designed as a tool to help owners correct life safety deficiencies, BROOKSBRIGHT assists clients with developing remediation life safety plans to satisfy current compliance requirements. We will help bring your physical assets into compliance through agreed upon design activities with an established schedule and budget, as well as work closely with stakeholders to effectively manage regular life safety and SOC compliance on an on-going basis.

Mock Accreditation Surveys

Periodic or intermittent assessments of your facilities can serve as excellent preventative maintenance and responsive diagnostic measures, which can be useful during acquisition, when there is a suspected performance concern, or before anticipated renovation or construction projects. We will perform thorough site visits to evaluate the conditions of the facilities and offer professional opinions as to the age, design, and performance and compliance of the materials and equipment. Detailed life safety plans and reports are coupled with a corrective plan for compliance.

Facility Condition Assessments

We offer multiple services and tools to evaluate, maintain and operate your facility, including door and hardware compliance, building envelope studies, from preparatory assessments for buying or selling to operational policy development and support.