Facility & Asset Data Management

Facility & Asset Data ManagementManaging your facility’s critical information, including drawings, equipment, and data is challenging for most owners. Having instant access to your building’s information is critical to responding to mechanical, maintenance, security, safety, design, construction, and code compliance needs. However, most owners find it challenging at best to manage the extensive data, documents, and drawings that comes with running efficient buildings and campuses.

BROOKSBRIGHT provides data management and data backup solutions for clients off-site on secured equipment, managed by our in-house IT experts, to ensure your data is organized, accessible, and protected in one convenient location, providing instant access 24/7/365 via our proprietary cloud-based portal, Files Go Here First Portal. This enables your in-house facilities, engineering, architects, and maintenance staff to have instant access to view any floor, room, panel, fixture, or access point in the building at any time. When you need it, where you need it.